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Scene 1. In a community rest are confronted with two tiny screens, presenting children’s animation. Mama seats in front of them children times about 4 years – a youngster with a child. She met them by pufach a normal television viewing, thinking that the barriers are television shows. Children immediately get up and speak to the supervisor understanding their contact screens with computer activities. They learn how to operate the active imvu credits tackles with quickly assimilate the rules of competition. Fun are bright, interesting and learning. However, with about 10 minutes, children begin to look around, swing at pufach and get way up, then the son climbs the tracking. Something, but, needs the noise. Children are not entirely satisfied and are seeking new, real, motor sensations.

Scene 2. The room is imvu credits split in a large room with a lot of folks. Some of them use iPhones or laptops. Younger compete about PSP and focus on tune with MP3 players, and I am writing this article working the product. After circling the room about 8-year-old boy, zaglądający the presents of the method with wanting to determine methods with sports. Each hit recounts pleased his mother. Complementing their satisfaction with the good results of that individual test is the ability to show off an important part and get praise. That is her appreciation and laugh, and not just the cognitive curiosity encouraged him to help exploration.
Great computer with a smaller daughter with sharp needs

Universality, convenience and functionality of computers is a character of fresh times. Clearly seen is usually a charm with the news generation of this particular machinery and the personal world. Multifunctional computers, electronic plan, the virtual world becomes modernity and fact. The type in the real life plus the electronic slowly blurred. Exploiting the exclusive world, network, global has become a very frank and pervasive. That reality has written the children’s places. They exist fully meets the requirements of teenagers? Is it sufficient to guarantee the fit development in the comprehensive? These cases show that it is not then advise what it needs.

What is the specialized advantage of computers, games, virtual rival, is usually a limitation in purchasing interpersonal skills. The computer is unrealistically consistent and predictable. Always work according to the same principles, strictly comply with the principles, it reacts a similar style. Inside real world call such contract is unreachable. This understanding is useless, because it does not explain anything important. For the contrary – develops the illusion of association, consistency, then give the world the pleas on the anyone. With actual and links is the opposite. Realists partners or rivals are challenging, they have their own desires and goals, often different from your wants. The behaviors are surprising, often illogical, sometimes rude. They may not understand the rules of „average play”, to try to cheat, held accountable for incompetence. These are raw and testing knowledge, but really. Good training is to prepare the child to deal with relationships with different partners, much more demanding than a computer.
The pc is in no way a negative humor

Computer games, electronic devices offering entertainment, technical alternatives for contact are presented, prepared to help your every ask. Our necessary and desire to work out what will happen – whether Let me perform a competition, listen to music, and can send funny send. In real life, someone to talk to or games a sport he should recommend this, encourage and inspire him to this fun. Sometimes even encourage people it is a better sense than the one he offers. It teaches establish contact, negotiation, persuasion, launching the assumption of see and assistance.

Computer perfectly knows the rules from the game, never with disbelief „how to perform”, he sees all the controls and different. Strictly follow the rules on the sport, behaving honestly, fairly counted items. In the entertainment earth with real partners you have to contend not simply with the sport itself, but also the lack of competence or integrity partner. That a tough experience, but must learn how to manage the uncertain and unclear, which is risky.

Many activities – real and digital – very absorb children engage emotionally, evoke strong emotions. While simply with competition with really partners you can say the different reactions for the same situations. One daughter calls after dropping while their colleague suggests a rematch. That too provides opportunity to keep the face of experiences (facial expressions, gestures, states), that explains them right recognition. This facility is the center for empathy with emotional sensitivity, so chief for sensation in relationships.